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Posted by Empatheticly at Aug 4, 2011 8:21:38 AM
Re: Exostens
Emu Ranch Life...

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that is processed from the fat of an Emu. All of our emu oil products are made with our pure certified emu oil and natural ingredients and are safe to use on anything. Currently we have approximately 200 emus on our ranch. We have just finished hatching all of the baby emus from this year's clutches. All of our breeding stock of emus are going to begin breeding in the beginning of September. In January we will don our jackets, grab our flash lights and begin collecting emu eggs.

Is that the weed talking too? I love Emus too... and rainbows.
I think my cats gossip about me behind my back.
I do what I can, when I can.

- Empathetic,
Still playing, here and there.

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