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Posted by Empatheticly at Aug 1, 2011 5:33:08 PM
Re: I'm sorry everybody..
Man Grandmasta you are the biggest scuppering moron I've seen on game in awhile. Really? You want to stop the botters, while you have an account on asking to buy bots? Go check the other thread Mimi linked to your profile you idiot. You keep making what you did, as you call it "rage quit" just fine because you gave it a name. No it was just as pathetic, I dont care if you lost fifty dollars in this game you deserve it you scumbag. Cry cry cry about how evil poker is, but it sure has done me a lot of good, all I can say is sucks to suck.

Y!PP is going down the drain because of idiots like you that wont leave the game, it's a real shame. :(

That is all! :)

lol, theres always got a be a turd in a thread, and how the fuck can you say its me? maybe some little turd that hates me on this game wanted to frame me for shit? and if you can, go ahead and prove that im botting, go ahead and report the fuck outta me and see what happens. There is no need to be such a turd (: and yes I rage quit because i lost money in the game, I deserve it? im sure I do because using real money on a game isnt worth it.. hmm.. Actually i have no idea why im responding to this lmao, haters gonna hate.

Who the hell would spend time trying to frame you at the beginning when you joined forums? As stated before, your join date on these forums and the join date on Buypoe or whatever the hell it is is the exact same. Are you telling me someone framed you when you first started on these forums? Are you sir going to tell all of us that you're being framed when those join dates are the exact same?
I do what I can, when I can.

- Empathetic,
Still playing, here and there.

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