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Posted by Chillii at Aug 1, 2011 5:07:44 PM
Re: I'm sorry everybody..
Hey, I just wanted to create a thread to let certain people know that i'm sorry, I know its probably not going to change much, and people still may hate me but i just want to get this off my chest.. I understand that recently I have been a drama queen over the stupidest stuff and nobody deserves any of that, it's just that alot of stuff has been happening in my life and i did the dumb mistake and got mad at everyone else.. even those who helped me along the way, I also know that i may have been annoying in greeter chat and that its probably really annoying claiming that certain people bot.. In the long run, who cares? I shouldnt have made a huge scene about things and putting peoples names out there, I wanted just to aplogize for everybody that i pissed off.. If anyone noticed, I havn't been online in a few days, not because i quit viridan but its because i need time to relax and take a break from this game. You all are seriously wonderful, I just shouldn't have over-reacted the way I did. I hope yall forgive me for being such a huge turd .. and maybe on day in the future.. we can be friends.. (if whur not already) :x

I lol'd. Man, you're the best example of an idiot I could ever find.

That's cool, perhaps go to your own oceans threads? derp.

Perhaps he does and perhaps maybe he perhaps gets bored on those threads? derp.


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