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Posted by REJBELLS at Aug 1, 2011 2:13:11 PM
Crimson Dub Club Items on Regular Oceans?
Are These items now being made available on the regular oceans??
Edit to Add:
Stevensam seems to think that it was possible to claim Crimson dub club Items on another ocean. I never noticed it was available on Midnight.
Was I blind??

I know the Crimson Cat was being sold on Midnight. It was one of the weekly 'special offers' in the Accounts section for buying more PP.

Was the Crimson Sailfih , Now for sale on Cobalt the same thing!

Nice of Feeling this.. To have salt rubbed in Old Wounds.

I object to Crimson Only Items being made available to only a select few thru this buy more time/dubs. Especially since the sub oceans who have paid for a year at a time never even see the offers.

Can ye tell I just still ..feel.. over the fact that I paid real cash.. every month..Specifically.. for those dub club things and we were denied ALL of it.

I still have nightmares of my 3 wee Crimson Kitties clinging to bits of ripped sailcloth at the top of a mast..crying out to me.. eyes sad and disbelieving.. as they went down with the ship and drowned.
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