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Posted by shipsitter1 at Aug 1, 2011 3:15:57 AM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)

I do agree with the sentiment that teaching people to blockade isn't just about giving them skills on the board, it's about helping to give them the right attitude.

Ohh.. that is what we are doing, mate. What Fast Forward just experienced was tough Love, At the first of our 2 Viridis cades my goal was to let them win. I did the best I could to let them win, they lost 1 round to a 3P and then they lost another because they tried to send in used ships. At every bump in the road they wanted to pull out. I lowered pay, I held jobbing, I did what I could to make them keep fighting. When they finally lost despite my efforts, they started raging that they had been oh so much better but only lost because of Proof's single war frig. They even took it so far that they claimed that Proof's WF was there on my initiative. At this point it became obvious to me that apart from learning how to blockade, Fast Forward was in a desperate need of learning how to lose and since experience is the best teacher, they should consider this lesson one. And you know what I think they might have to repeat this lecture a few times because they sure haven't improved.

PS. If anyone disagrees with my teaching methods you are more than welcome to home school these kids at your islands. DS.

Do i really need one?


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