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Posted by fishn_rox at Aug 1, 2011 12:17:53 AM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
This really hurts me but... I agree with this. While I understand why Legacy was in a bad mood from the way the other flag acted, that's the way most losing flags act unfortunately. I have been on the winning side and experienced people hating and flaming for no reason other than they are bad at blockading and you aren't and flags on the losing side and how they continue to act is one of the reasons I am on the fence about returning to the Blockade scene right now.

Legacy by no means have to play nice after the horrible treatment they are receiving right now from most of the ocean for no reason, however I do agree with the sentiment that teaching people to blockade isn't just about giving them skills on the board, it's about helping to give them the right attitude. I admit that when I started to experience people flaming me that eventually I reacted to the pressure but I don't think that did much other than allow them to justify their twisted actions and piss them off even more.

The biggest thing that I would say to most of the ocean that trolls against Legacy and RM is that they are two flags who truly know what it means to be blockaders in my mind. They treat a blockade as a blockade, if you want to get on with them then do the same. Forget about the islands and do things for the fun of it and you won't care about losing as much. I am sure that people are going to post here claiming that they already do that but step back and think of the reasons why you are blockading, is it for fun or the islands?

KO seem to want islands and glory but the challenge is central to that for them too, so I'll half throw in that flag.

+1 in bold.
Cheers, Plano.

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