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Posted by Setsusa at Jul 31, 2011 1:00:09 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)

Eeeeh.... You might just be trolling me but in that case, fine, I'll take the bait.

When we asked Whiterose, Anchovia, Melany, Shezzy and Dalnoth to JC for us

This was all I really bothered to read for your post. To the first part, yeah, Chip's written 10 or so coherently thought out posts with good points in the two threads that you have sidestepped continuously, but HE'S TROLLING. No, you're just retarded. (Crap I said retarded does that mean Subtle Tease can't get a friendly kade anymore? Sorry Anch.)

Then, you are like "HMMM WE HAVE ONE LANDSTAFF AND HE'S NOT AMAZING....Well, since this is Viridis we better ask Whiterose, Anchovia, Melany, people who JC almost every weekend cause that's the kind of staff we need at Viridis against a small flag in a friendly blockade!"

Seriously, you need to grow some emotional balls and be able to take someone bringing up a 3p that affected a blockade in a very negative way. He has a right to be pissed off about it, and he was pretty kind when he stated it in the logs you showed in the other thread, so your excuses of "They weren't friendly, they were asking for it" is pathetic.

Furthermore, all this crap from all of your flag's representatives saying "We only do friendly blockades in our pond, which is Dendrite" is a bag of shit. Viridis is just as crappy of an island if not more crappy than Dendrite. There is no reason you should be handling a Viridis cade against an inexperienced flag in a must win manner, you should be using it to have fun or train in flag staff even if you don't like the people you are against for whatever irrational reason.

Your attitude on the forums is pathetic, and your actions in game are too. You have proclaimed you wish to help new flags, and then you shatter them because they were pissed about something they should be pissed about, and because it's Viridis.

But yeah. We're all trolling you, you saying to Shadowy "Let's have a fun kade" right after he asks for a friendly kade and then going sinking 2 minutes pre because "Q doesn't like him" is cool.

Remember that parenting thing? Yeah. LOWBLOW.
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