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Posted by 2NDSKY at Jul 31, 2011 9:47:09 AM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
The only thing these whiners can achieve is that we won't bother playing nice in the future, since we get flamed all the same.

Good because, we got 0% interest in future blockades against Legacy anyway.

After all the exchanging of words, I got a few last things on my mind.
We learned yet another valuable lesson out of this: Don't take anything for granted, even if it seems that way.

Next blockade we attend we will put all our intentions on the table, and what we would like to see in the blockade, so no doubt will be possible. If the defender doesn't like them, we can always adapt. I still don't agree with this weekend indicent. Since you need both parties to be willing to negotiate. Other then that, good game.
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