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Posted by Ezder at Jul 31, 2011 9:36:22 AM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
Last post on the subject. I've said what I wanted; people have expressed support and agreement, so that's all that matters.

Really? Out of flag JC/VA and navvers? Really??? Let's see...

Only because a certain few people you guys asked couldn't/wouldn't show. I won't name names, they can out themselves, but if everyone showed who you asked, the majority of your executive staff, if not all of it, would have been out of flag. Hate to burst your bubble, though, but for a valueless outpost, you are simply Legacy's third choice for JC. That always has to feel rewarding.

And I never said that out of flag talent was a bad thing. In fact, that's why I was helping FF - 'in flag' can't learn if they don't have anyone experienced to work with. You should have read a little closer, I have been working with Shadowy for quite a long time - he has navved in one of my blockades and friends' blockades; he is actively trying to become a blockade leader. His other navs were picked my him to get experience (its gotta come from somewhere). I was just noting that, if I were Legacy, I wouldn't take those defensive actions on the crappiest of my five islands. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a decent player that would do the same (if in the situation). Obviously, someone in Legacy must have been a little butthurt (or inable to read what you have posted on your website).

Y'all really straight up glossing over what I post or simply misreading it. I don't care about the result. Shit happens. I'm just pointing out that for as much as Legacy talks, they don't follow through on any of it. As much as Legacy's members deride KO on the forums, they sure pure pretty similar moves. That is merely the point of my posts; cut the entitlement crap, it certainly hasn't been earned.

Edit - Lulz - they removed the "we don't like flags that bully new flags" from their website. Or at least I'm blind and can't find it on the page it previously was on.

Eeeeh.... You might just be trolling me but in that case, fine, I'll take the bait.

When we asked Whiterose, Anchovia, Melany, Shezzy and Dalnoth to JC for us, we only had Nativepride for landstaff. His experience was limited to helping out in three blockades, we were not going to let him handle JCing + LAing all alone that soon, we needed a second. Millemus is not around any more, Sailingrosy came home late from vacation and hadn't slept that night, we couldn't get hold of Satisfies, and Ameranth usually spends his weekends at the gym. However, we were so lucky this week that Ameranth hurt his ankle and had to stay at home, issue solved. I don't think he has to feel very unloved because of that. :)

I think that blockades like the first one at Viridis, Surtsey against NOO, the latest cades at Harmattan and Cochineal, as well as previous blockades at Garden Gradle and Polaris Point leave your argument about us "not following through" pretty much void. And please link me to what our members have said about KO, would you?

Our homepage has not been updated, you must simply be a bit blind.

And, I looked through the thread that followed our extremely friendly blockade av Viridis. Not 100+ posts, but well 85. Here it is, if anyone wants some more reading:

Also, a few quotes from that thread, that should have given a hint that we would act differently if FF dropped again, by Qvintus and myself respectively:

How ever if people dont stopp trying to paint us our as bullies just for enjoying the game we might turn ugly. There is no rule that says Legacy must play nice. Don't shout Satan unless you are ready to meet him.

The only thing these whiners can achieve is that we won't bother playing nice in the future, since we get flamed all the same.


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Qvintvs flag royalty chats, "I won't play for that much longer and when I quit, my pirate's dead body will be sent out at sea on a burning ship and let's face it, you will be on that ship as well.

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