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Posted by Ameranth at Jul 31, 2011 1:36:12 AM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
Legacy, please cut the crap. Admit you are in the game for island holding. Don't pretend you care about developing in flag talent (you recruited out of flag for JC/VA and navvers)

Really? Out of flag JC/VA and navvers? Really???
Let's see...

JC/LA - Me, and I'm pretty sure I'm in Legacy. I was assisted by Nativepride, and yep, he's in Legacy too.

BA - Qvintus, and once again I'm pretty sure he's in Legacy.

Navvers - Avienda, also in Legacy I think. Darlie, Elfeesh and Whitehaze I'm not sure about, but I have seen them in crew chat for months so I guess they must be Legacy as well. Martobain and Dachimpy navved for us, and aren't part of Legacy, so I'll give you that one. To be fair, I'd heard Marto was a Legacy royal, but that person may have been confused at the time.

XO's - A lot... More than we had navvers. I didn't get all their names, but Legacy every one.

So... Out of the 9 primary cade staff, 7 were from Legacy. Include the XO's, and it's about 13/15. I can see how we had to go outside the flag to win. It couldn't have been that we invited two friends to nav for us because they were, you know, *friends*.

What makes this go beyond simple whining and enter the realm of mind-blowing hypocrisy is that for all the tarting you're doing about us asking two friends if they wanted to nav, you yourself were an out of flag navver. That's right. The person screaming that using any non-flag cade staff is a foul crime, is himself not a member of the flag he was navving for. Double standards much?

So to summarize... When we invite two friends from outside the flag to join in, it's worthy of a diatribe on the forums, yet when you yourself do it it's not even worth mentioning. And yes, the total was two. Two out of the fifteen or so cade staff. Yet you're trying to claim most of our staff wasn't from Legacy? Yet another whiner who either doesn't have a clue what they're talking about, or does know but would rather lie since the facts are against them.
Ameranth of Viridian Meridian
Senior Officer of Nightmare, Prince of Legacy

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