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Posted by Judiciousman at Jul 30, 2011 7:36:52 PM
Re: Legacy (You're So Cute)
Yes, we're defending how today's blockade went but that's because you're whining over, essentially, a sinking blockade. This has got to be the first flamefest I've ever seen where people are actually complaining about a sinker with such vehemency.

Sorry, making a blockade sinking purely to sink a smaller flags fleet is a great tactic and should be endorsed! Who needs points, right?

We sunk 5 ships. Big fleet guys.

In 1 round? Where Shadowy didn't plan to keep on sending ships in? If he actually went for 3 rounds where Legacy's frigs just chased around the brigs for sinks, then that would've left quite a dent in their fleet. Shadowy decided Viridis wasn't worth that, and it was a smart decision by him.

If Shadowy thinks Viridis isn't worth a few ships why would he blockade it. You should always be prepared for a sinker, no matter what. That's how blockades work.

You aren't obviously seeing my point. This was NOT the same as a typical sinking blockade. 3 frigs chasing around like 3 brigs ignoring the whole oceanside of the board is not a typical blockade. It was clear that Legacy had no intention to win on points but just to wipe off FF's fleet. Is that really worth Viridis to you?
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