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Posted by Therealhunta at Jul 19, 2011 12:07:45 AM
Re: Where does the poe from buying bid tickets go to?
There are two types of taxes: property tax (also known as upkeep) and sales tax.

Property tax, sometimes referred to as "Rent", is paid by shoppe and stall owners to the fort or palace on a weekly basis. Some of it is lost as a PoE sink, and some goes to the island coffers for use by the governing flag. The tax that goes to the island government is expressed as a percentage of the tax baseline and increases the overall property tax paid. These additional taxes can be as high as 50% (for an island with a fort) or 100% (for a palace). If, for some reason, a colonized island has no fort or palace, only the baseline tax is paid. When taxes are set to 0% by the governor, no PoE is placed into the island coffers. However, if set above 0%, everything above the tax baseline is put into the island coffers.

Sales tax is paid when using the ordering interface of a shoppe or stall. Dockside transactions are not taxed, but if a manager orders goods from a shop to sell dockside (a common practice for producers of ship consumables), the sales tax is paid at the time the order is placed. Sales tax is calculated by taking the tax value of the goods and labor used in the creation of the product. The governor's tax slider does not affect the calculation of the sales tax. 90% of it is sunk, while the remaining 10% goes to the palace coffers. The amount deposited into the coffers is not recorded in the palace and fort records.

YPPedia "Tax"
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