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Posted by Chillii at Jul 16, 2011 9:47:30 AM
Re: Intent to blockade Harmattan
Oh gee. 3 Am my time, 4 am Goldschmidt's time, and also extremely early for Huhla and Babybelinda. Well, good luck I guess.

It's a good time for the aussies, attackers advantage.

I know this.

And yet you still felt the need to complain.


As you feel the need to comment on everything, I felt the need to complain. I didn't say they should not do anything to change it, nor that it was not a good time for aussies, I simply stated the fact that it is a bad time for the people of OF. Am I not permitted to complain that I have to wake up or stay up until 3 AM for a game?

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