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Posted by iceblade856 at Jul 11, 2011 10:40:17 PM
Re: Here comes the BOOM!
They both won


Correction, Friday July 8, 2011. My good 'homie' Cairna woke up to see 4 islands under his flag's belt.

Saturday July 9, 2011. My good 'homie' Cairna went to bed knowing there are only 2 remaining islands left under his flag's belt.

Definition of Win/Won according to my buddies at Meriam-Webster (

1. a. To get possession of by effort or fortune.

2. a. To gain in or as if in battle or contest

3. a. --- This one was irrelevant to the way in which Chillii used said word. ---

4. a To obtain

Knockout did not gain, obtain, or receive possession of any island that they did not already have. In fact, Knockout lost 2 islands. To conclude, there is only one winner here.

Having said all of that...

Good Game.

Two things.

1: Good job writing all that to accomplish absolutely nothing, you seem to be good at that.

2: RM Successfully attacked and won islands, KO successfully defended an island. If what you're trying to say here is that only by gaining something you win, then I guess it's impossible for KO to win at all and that KO did not win the cade on Kirin.

Edit: Having said all that...

Good Game.

Don't have time to read the entire thread but this was pwn
edit: nice pants man

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