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Posted by LunEnvoy at Jul 7, 2011 7:54:44 PM
Re: SoS (Insert emotional appeal here)
Hey buddy, knock knock, I didnt hate on Nemors octopussy. Its okay man. I cant help the people that buy my drinks, Im jus makin a livin.

You wanna hear about a real scam? Ill show you guys a real flippin scam, check this out:
captainrich wrote: 
Lune as one of your friends in this game,

Now thats misleading if anything else is. You know once upon a time... theres a frickin picture of you on my hearties list. Damnit man. Im just mad that you got famous first by misleading people. Hearty me, or we're through Rich. We're through.
Wait. you're with Roseh now. Shoot. I missed my bubble. >.>

I'm still just the guard dog. I bite. They shoot.

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