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Posted by N_o_v_a at Jun 23, 2011 6:15:29 PM
Phillite's Pop-up Avatar Shop {Paid Queue Full|Freebie Queue Open}
Howdy again! With a bit of time on my hands I thought I'd open up what will be my 6th avatar shop by my count. I will most likely only be open for a small period of time while don't have as many things keeping me from drawing.

Here are some recent works {Now as a RAINBOW!!}

If you'd prefer a style similar to a specific avatar here, let me know in your order.

I thought I'd try something different with order taking, and complete requests in order by best offer and/or most interesting order, so basically it's 'pay what you'd like'. Please note, interesting does not necessarily mean complex. If it helps at all, offers I receive normally sit around 30-50k, with exceptions above and below. I'll be accepting payment on Sage. I will also be taking orders for freebie avatars. You will have limited creative input and I can't guarantee the final outcome, so order at your own risk!

I will only ask for payment after I have completed your avatar. I feel less guilty this way for outstanding orders, and it also keeps me motivated to complete the avatar.

It is very important for my system that you order using the correct method: PM for paid avatars, thread post for freebies. Orders will not be completed if requested in the incorrect way.

For Paid Avatars [which includes a sketch, 150x150px avatar and high resolution image]
To order an avatar you will pay for, send me a Private Message including your:
>Pirate name
>Price offer
>Portrait link or description
>Avatar ideas
>If you would like a name on the avatar
>Any other details needed
I will only take a certain amount of paid orders at a time. Check the thread title.

For Freebie Avatars [which includes a single 150x150px]
To order a free avatar from me, reply to this thread with a post including your:
>Pirate name
>Portrait Link
Freebie avatars are always available to order, regardless of a full paid order queue. Order away!

Post here or PM me!

Phillite, Emerald

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