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Posted by RaggedAndy at Jun 22, 2011 8:05:18 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
Hoydere! Soul Mates is seeking crews to join its family.

We are a flag dedicated to having fun and respecting crew differences and independence while making sure that all of our crews (big and small) receive the piratey support of their flaggies. Pillages, Atlantis and good times are the course we've set. We're a "crew styled flag" where Royals, Officers and Pirates are quick to lend a hand and make hearties,
and our objective is to be a flag you can call "home".

We invite your crew to join us, and will initally assign a Titled Member to your crew. Crews which distinguish themselves with loyalty, dedication, support and that certain Soul Mates je ne sais quoi will be assigned a Royal and/or additional Titled Members as required by the needs of the flag. Contact any Royal to arrange an invitation.

Please note: Soul Mates will not condone or tolerate cheating, theft, or any other violations of the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Terms of Service. Any reasonably clear evidence linking a flag member to TOS volations will be made available to the Ocean Masters, and may well result in that person being expelled from the flag.

You can find out more about us by checking out our website, Soul Mates on the Viridian Ocean .
RaggedAndy, Senior Officer in Mermaid's Typhoon on the Meridian Ocean,
Vulfe, Officer in League of Shadows on Emerald,
and various alts elsewhere.
I'm a freaking old phart. Deal with it!

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