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Posted by low911 at Jun 11, 2011 5:22:33 AM
Re: Show us the Straightliners
99% of straightliners are just abusing the ability to multiclient. (A legit emergency will result in a ZZZ as well, so I'm not sure what your point is there.) I'm sure that if a pirate on one of Enna's runs has such an issue and explains it to her (before or after) then they won't end up here. A strong social pressure against lazing and straightlining is a good thing.

Immediately muting them means that they can't explain their absence if they had a legit reason, so I don't support that ... telling the rest of the crew so they can put them on a non-job list, yes, and adding them to your mute a little time later if they don't have an explanation.

Yes, they can just get a new alt, but if it costs them 5 dubs a trip they aren't going to keep doing it for long. A pillage doesn't cost them anything to join, but if you plank during the fray they straightline in and -1 them they don't get any money from it so it's not worth their while.

Edit: Lag-out and disconnections don't result in a straightline, they result in a blank board. The only way to straightline is to get pulled into the puzzle, load it successfully and not be watching it. And although perpetual d/cing isn't the pirate's fault, it's still a good reason not to job that person for SMHs, unfortunately.

He makes a very good point give them a chance to explain them self before muting them but, just remember how easy it is to make up a quick lie on the spot.
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