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Posted by Jolyma at Jun 10, 2011 9:04:52 PM
Re: Show us the Straightliners
Ok, I tried, but I can't help myself.

Look, I used to XO on SMAs aLOT. I used to double as the MAA a lot of times, because I knew what I was doing.

Not all straightliners are afk lazers. Some lag when pulled off a puzzle. Some D/C. Some sent you that tell you demand when they need to pee, grab a drink, check on a kid, answer the phone or door, or need 10 seconds to change the mouse batteries, and well, you missed it or forgot to unclick their name.

Some had to drop everything for a legit emergency (I don't expect a tell if your kid's bleeding or your puppy is about to pee on the power strip or your stove is on fire).

Catch them with ZZZ above their head and plank them, then mute them so you can't job them. Inform your fellow officers, so THEY can mute them. Problem solved, and you aren't embarassing players who don't really deserve it.

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