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Posted by elemein at Jun 9, 2011 3:37:16 PM
Re: Show us the Straightliners
Did you ask Ryan Giggs' permission to post that he got with a straight one too, Enna?

Y!PP superinjunctions ):

Chat logs, PMs and other communication methods without the express posted permission of all participants

Thats directly from the rule list.

Now, I'm not against/with anyone, but can you explain to me how that is a "Chat log", "PM", and/or "other communication method"?


And if anyone else doesnt notice it, I kind of appreciate having a few straighters. Why? Well they're not 100% lets just say. Sure they take up a slot on your boat, but you probably wont get past 60, so having the extra few straighters jump along, will be fine as they DO manage to soak up a little margin of damage early on in the battle.

Useless meatshields is what they are to me. They shield you without even trying.

Though of course, someone competent is always better than a useless meatshield.
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