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Posted by AngryChair at Dec 8, 2004 11:37:08 AM
New navigation video (part deux)
After reading in the other thread that there was interest in a navigation video I have it taken it upon myself to make one. Note: I don't claim to be the best navver there is. At the time of recording I was ultimate/#3 in Ruby, so I figure I know at least a whee bit about it (brigands have since then knocked me down, but at least it gives me something to do ;p).

Size: ~30 megs (just under 6 megs after compressing)
Length: 18:30

Programs required : WinRar

Additional notes:

At first I'm warming up a bit, but from 7:00 on the indicator is nearly sparkly all the time. There's a few dumb mistakes, but hey, no one's perfect (plus, my fingers are glued to spacebar). Enjoy.


Figured out the problem with the hosting space, and here is the file in one part :

[size=7]Sun shines in the bedroom when we play
the raining only starts when you go away

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