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Posted by the_rock99 at May 3, 2011 10:39:23 PM
Re: Viridian
As an alternative, you can post lotsa random pictures, or write long posts about stuff you weren't involved in so that people can take one sentence out of it and then produce a 30 post firestorm :D

What? I thought VPs theme for random pictures was pokemon, shoes and soccer.

You forgot cats.

Seriously though. If you wanna get into politics, take whoever offered you help on this thread and learn from them. However, form your own opinions. Don't be another mindless zombie and just follow whatever everyone else has to say. We have enough of those.

Another thing you'd do well to learn is to tell the difference between bs and actual fact. You should be able to count the amount of people you trust on one hand and respect your opponents (unless of course they're just plain stupid and there no helping them).

Next time I'll charge ye ;)
Better than you.

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