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Posted by laladibla at May 2, 2011 4:03:25 AM
Re: XML that Photograph! (Judges, Advice and Ideas needed)
I have had a small bit of experience with Photography in the past and would be happy to help if you needed it =). One day I hope that a thread like this may even influence some islands in-game!

I'm sure I'd be able to help you obtain shanghais for your renames on at least one ocean (if you plan for a full not half rename) as I have a few spare accounts which I haven't purchased doubloons/ a subscription on, and I can't think of a better way to use them as I never really used my shanghais anyway.

I don't think I'm very creative when It comes to naming sloops either, but I do agree with "Creative Flashbulb". Perhaps a boat called the "Deviant Artist"?

If you haven't already, I do suggest making a very clear plan of when you are going to set out this event. It's always good to keep a deadline, and it gets things accomplished sooner.

Good luck with this! Also, I think you can include pirates into your scene as well, using ScenePainter. I don't know the exact details but I'm sure if you had a look around the forums or the third party tools list, you'd be able to find exactly what you need =).
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