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Posted by lcawte at Apr 18, 2011 2:02:49 AM
XML that Photograph! (Judges, Advice and Ideas needed)
This is an updated draft of my event, taking into account advice I had from the Old Thread... I am hoping of running this on all oceans, so I'm going to be asking for OM support.

(NOTE: This is not the event post, this is just a planning thread):
XML that Photograph!
What: A photography and Tools event! Contestants have to take a outdoor photograph in real life and use Yohoho! Tools to recreate it.

The Photo
Contestants need to take 2 photos, one being an identification photo, containing their name and ocean, the other one being the scene. You must take a photo of an outdoors area, for example: a forest; a farm; a backyard; a street; or whatever else you would like to do. Remember that you must be able to recreate it with the tiles available in the latest edition of Yohoho! Tools...

Yohoho Tools Challenge
Right, so you have your photograph, now its time to create the XML... we do this by using Yohoho! Tools, it may take some time to do this, so don't leave it until the last minute, and it is worth checking what you can do in tools before you go and photograph some modern huge complicated scene! Once you've completed your scene, save the XML file, and the overview map and upload them to <place>


  • 1st Place: ''Photographer Package'' - A Dhow (renamed?), stocked with a decent amount of stock. Also includes 2 full whisking potions and a inscribed trinket (exotic coffee)...
  • 2nd Place: ''Designer Package'' - A stocked sloop (renamed), fancy chair, a fancy book desk, a set of books and a portrait easel to draw your designs at. Also comes with an inscribed scroll with recommendations from all your previous employers.
  • 3rd Place: ''The Campers Package'' - A few things you pack on your quest to take photo's and construct some of the worlds wonders. Your not quite there yet, but your ever hopeful. A little chest to store your earnings, 2 rum jugs for water, bedroll and a slated crate to sit on. And a plate of cookies and some eggs to munch on!
  • Honourable Mentions: 1000 Pieces of Eight

Photograph (11 points)

  • Finish (5 points) - Yes, that means your can touch up your scene photo a little bit... photoshop, GIMP, whatever you like!
  • Complexity/Effectiveness (5 points) - Is your scene to complex or too simple to be effective?
  • Judges Choice (1 point) - Is this the judges favourite or not?

Yohoho! Tools Challenge (13 points)

  • Similarity (10 points) - Does your scene look similar to your photo?
  • Complexity/Effectiveness (2 points) - Is your scene on tools a good reflection of your photograph, and is it too simple or complex to do the photograph justice?
  • Judges Choice (1 point) - Is this the judges favourite or not?

Overall (4 points)

  • Photography Skill (1 point) - Has their entry shown skill or some level of ability?
  • Yohoho! Tools Skill (1 point) - Has the entry shown they have some skill with the Tools, or tried to understand them?
  • Format (1 point) - Have they filled out their entry correctly?
  • Judges Opinion (1 point) - Overall, do you like this entry?

Other Rules

  • Avoid taking photographs of people, these is because you cannot put them back in the scene with Yohoho! Tools, and you may get in trouble.
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but only claim one prize set...
  • Judges can enter, but not win a prize!

The event would run for 1 month or two, to give entrants time to go find a nice scene. They'd be able to enter as many times as they wish, but only being able to get one set of prizes...

- 2 or 4 judges (with either photography or Yohoho! Tools experience)
- Ideas for renames (when it comes down to it, I'm not that creative, and I'm no good with names, I need some decent rename ideas that the OMs would be able to do for me...)
- I'll edit in anything else I think of.

I've tried to follow advice from the old thread, but if I've missed anything, poke me...
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