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Posted by Boochx at Apr 12, 2011 4:12:44 AM
Re: Entry Thread: Dreadfully Decadent Decorations
First of all, I'd like to say, Scenepainter is awesomiest! Fanccccy! :D Just downloaded it today. Decided to give this a try cos Hunter didn't give me many things to do! :3

Pirate : Oochbooch
Ocean : Hunter
Time : For the rest of the month, most likely around 10pm-3am game time. :D

The Secret Garden
The Black Market
Working Wonders
The Captain's Headquarters

I'm not sure if this will fit in ...
You are allowed to change the walls and the floor, but you must keep the general shape of the room, so I have some common ground for judging.

but here it is, my 5th entry (can't you tell I'm having so much fun with this xD)!
Merchant's Paradise

I think I read the rules enough, but let me know if I used anything that's not allowed.

Edit/s : Yay! Figured a way for the mirror glitch! :D
Will add more when I'm not too lazy & busy.

Avatar by ENDEMIC! :D

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