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Posted by Scenepainter at Apr 9, 2011 4:40:34 AM
Re: Entry Thread: Dreadfully Decadent Decorations
Well the first entry :)

Note : I have created 2 images thinking that adding pirates to the scene is allowed. If not, please let me know, i will remove the pirates and create another scene.

Congratz for being fast :). But I'm afraid, I have to disqualify both entries for a number of rules violations:

  • You should only use tiles (this rules out pirates, bubbles and labels). I'm not uber strict on that rule. I'll likely turn a blind eye if you happen to sneak something like a rat or a cat somewhere in the background, but basing your room on the pirates within it is a no go, as this makes them non-expandable (unusable as a template).
  • The purpose of the rooms does not become clear.
  • Valid entries must be uploaded as SCC files to my website.

I posted some clarifications into the event thread.
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