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Posted by Captainnkid at Apr 8, 2011 11:01:55 PM
Re: Entry Thread: Dreadfully Decadent Decorations
Well the first entry :)

Note : I have created 2 images thinking that adding pirates to the scene is allowed. If not, please let me know, i will remove the pirates and create another scene.

First image :)
Description - The Scene states it all :)

ScenePainter loses his Familiars

Second Image :)
Description - The title of the Scene and the other components must give ye a brief idea about the scene ;)

Note - Both the images are a work of fiction and have been created using ScenePainter 3.2, the images are not created to insult or hurt any OMs or pirates. If ye think any of the images aren't suitable to be posted, please let me know and i will remove them

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