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Posted by Dexla at Apr 4, 2011 6:58:55 AM
Re: Yet another event rough draft Idea...please read and let me know what you think
OK, I'll share my opinions. As long as everyone remembers that opinions are just that.

For the amount of work it takes, I think participation might be low. If the prize is a full color fam you'll probably get more entries but still, not a lot, and for a task this challenging, I would think a full color fam would be a worthy reward.
If I had to compare it to a recent event, I think participation might be similar to the Karaoke Kapers event Apollo just ran. Perhaps a tad higher, because people don't seem quite as bashful about being funny and acting up, as they do singing.

But some pirates are camera shy, and that might turn them off. Would you consider the use of puppets, or animation? That might also increase participation.

So it's easier to compare apples to apples, I would try to give a tad more direction in regards to the skit. Instead of just "humorous piratey", I would suggest a theme like, "One night at the Inn" or "My first trip to Atlantis"... something like that. That will also help give your contestants a place to start their thought process.

There was some performance events in the past - I'll have to go looking for them when I can - but checking those out might give you more to think about.

So, there you go - thoughts while I avoid work! Hope it helps a little?
Dexla d'Midnight

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