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Posted by JSChromeboy at Apr 3, 2011 9:46:26 AM
Yet another event rough draft Idea...please read and let me know what you think
I know I am current;y running an event and that it will last awhile.

But with an overactive imagination like mine...I can't help but think of all sorts of cool ideas I would like to run.

My newest idea that I am thinking about is quite an intense one so i am posting here to get opinions from other event runners as to the potential for it to work.

My idea is pretty simple and is boiled down in a few sentences.

My idea is to have players shoot their humorous skits in video format, and posted to youtube based on in-game YPP interactions. There is so much material there and I would love to see what the other creative minds would be able to come up with.

The idea wold be have them create at least 3 minutes of humorous skit material...this could consist of one continuous skit or several shorter skits based around your pirate character.

This would challenge acting skills, creativity, humor, writing and above all a lot of fun would be had making these videos.

But here's the question...whats the reality that many people will be willing to do that?

That's what I'm asking, I need your thoughts and opinions.

Again this is a very rough idea and will be undergoing a lot of work...I just want to know what you all think.

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