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Posted by Cnuofesd at Mar 11, 2011 1:19:00 PM
Re: How much inspiration is too much inspiration?
There are many interpretations of what the event creator meant by origional.

It could be saying all artwork must be drawn by the entrant, not nessacarily commenting on the source of the idea for it. I think we must use reasonable judgment when looking at the phrase origionality. Of course it's not okay to take a picture line for line, self draw it and call it origional - but I think this is an example that falls on the acceptable side of the grey area.

The ambiguity of the word "Origional" allows for misunderstandings between people, though it is understandable why a detailed definition was not posted, since it would be needlessly detailed and a waste of time for the person running to comment on every single aspect and factor to consider.

Personally I interpret the changes made to the generic picture of a christmas tree with snow around to be enough to first picture so it is sufficiently origional to not be a problem.

It is up to the OM running this to draw the line on what is "Sufficiently origional". I also feel that they do not have to justify what is and what is not.

I am also nervous about entering a discussion using technical terms against somebody with the forum name "Barrister" ):
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