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Posted by funnybones at Mar 9, 2011 11:15:01 AM
Re: How much inspiration is too much inspiration?
Funnybones...please can you show me where I claimed this as being all my own work? The image that was entered into the competition may have major elements taken from another picture but as false dmitri says, it has all been re-drawn by hand and given fresh details and nowhere have I claimed anything otherwise. No evil intentions were present...just the wish to contribute to the game in a positive way. I apologise if I've offended you by doing this. If it really upsets you that much then take it up with Apollo. I'll willingly accept whatever outcome he sees fit.

Did you disclose when you posted it that you had copied from a stock image? If you did, I assume everyone was fine with that and I guess that the portrait competition just has different standards than I am used to. But if you didn't, then it's assumed that it's all your own work, as Algol said, and you violated the rules of the portrait competition.

Geez, people on this forum think some pretty strange things. This is just straight up obviously plagiarism. And it isn't about law or the rights of the original image's owner or offending me, its about your integrity and the integrity of the competition.
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