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Posted by false_dmitri at Mar 9, 2011 9:11:24 AM
Re: How much inspiration is too much inspiration?
This is the original flipped and rescaled to approximate the YPP background:

This is the same image with the edges of the YPP background overlaid:

I managed to chop a bit off the top of both images, but that shouldn't matter. :)

Obviously, the buildings at the edges and the general compositional elements were derived directly from the painting. Just as obviously, nearly everything in the YPP background was redrawn and given fresh details by hand. It's not a tracing except in the broadest possible sense.

A couple basic questions for anyone concerned about copyrights. Who is the actual creator of the image? I doubt it's :) For all I know, the original painting dates back over 100 years. And is this an obscure or well-known image? It could be a piratey homage rather than a sneaky "borrowing".

Even if I had that info, I wouldn't weigh in on whether this is "too much" derivation for a background contest. It's a nice background for a portrait and better than I could do with or without a source image.
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