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Posted by SilveRansom at Feb 22, 2011 8:20:16 AM
Re: Silveransom's Blender Easter Egg Tutorial
I was afraid of that. It seems to save the window layout for me, but that's no indicator of real offsite testing. Sorry!

What you should be looking for is a panel on the bottom there where you can click on one of a row of icons, specifically a little white and red checkerboard icon (the Texture panel) next to a little sphere icon (the Materials panel). They should be close to the active window; you can see them in the screenshots along the top of the bottom third of the UI; the Texture panel button is third from the right end, the Materials panel is to the left of that; both are active in the UI of that screenshot (the default is one such panel open, but you can drag the UI around to get two open... but it's not necessary, all you need is the Texture panel).

With the egg selected, and the Texture panel open down there, you should be able to scroll left and right to find the Image part of the Texture panel. That's where those buttons should be.

Oh, and I would *love* a "click and apply to shape" process, but Blender apparently hates the idea of such simplicity and user friendliness. That's really all I wanted here, just a "here's the egg, here's the place to slot in the texture, click to apply, render, readygodesign". This is about as close as I could get. :)
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