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Posted by Clotho at Feb 21, 2011 2:03:40 PM
Reverse auction for a familiar - Viridian, Sunday, February 27, 2011
Reverse PoE auction for a familiar
Date: Sunday, February 27
Time 11:45 AM game time
Location: Sun's Estate on Fintan

Available familiars can be seen on these pages: Parrot , Monkey , Octopus . Excluded colors: solid white, solid black, and limited edition colors (such as Atlantean, Indigo, ice blue, wine, sea green, etc)

  • Doors will open 15-30 minutes beforehand, and there will be game tables to ease the wait.
  • I will not invite people individually, so please do not send tells asking for an invitation - the house will be open for anyone to enter while I'm there and there will also be a whisk on the event tab in the notice board.
  • This is to be a clean event, anyone engaging in activities which are deemed by the OM host to be unsportsmanlike or rude will earn you a plank or more!
  • At 12 PM, doors will close for the start of the auction and the whisk will be gone, so don't be late, and don't leave by mistake!
  • From this point, all non-essential talk should stop, for I will plank those who interrupt or chat while I'm trying to run the auction.
  • I will run through the auction rules very briefly at the start, but not in full - I expect people to have read the rules in this thread!
  • If you do not intend to bid, you are still welcome to stay, but please respect the rules of the auction and stay silent once it has started.
  • During the auction itself, nobody except myself and a buyer should say anything at all - no commentary, chat or reaction.

For those expecting to bid:
  • Set your chat to "House".
  • Have your PoE with you.
  • This is a reverse auction, with the winner required to pay immediately in PoE.
  • I will announce offers to sell at gradually decreasing PoE amounts, leaving a short gap between each amount. The decrease between each "offer" will not necessarily be equal.
  • If a pirate sees an offer that they are willing to pay, they should say "Stop" in house chat.
  • If multiple people say "Stop", the familiar goes to the buyer who spoke first.
  • The buyer then /tells me the type and color(s) of the familiar they want, and the trade happens immediately. (Right after I use Apollo's stolen familiar-making machine!)
  • The end.

Additional notes:
  • Do not say "Stop" unless you genuinely intend to purchase a familiar at that price, and have the required PoE on your person.
  • If a trade does not happen for any reason, even if multiple people said "stop", the sell offer will be increased from where it stopped, and the auction resumed.
  • Anyone stopping the auction without the intention or ability of paying risks having disciplinary action taken against them.
  • There is an absolute minimum of 500k. If the price drops to that without a sale, no familiar will be sold.

The rules sound strict, but without them, it would be chaotic. This should be a quick and fun auction format, but relies on reasonable behavior from all people attending!

If there are any questions or comments, please post them here.

Edit: added "game time"
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