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Posted by liane at Feb 7, 2011 4:34:31 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
Having just started investigating Crimson for my young ones I noticed that on the the Puzzle Scenes shows examples from Distilling that includes Rum; Drinking; and the various card games.

In general, and we've been playing Y!PP (on and off) since Beta, I found the information available to parents on what Crimson was or how it works to be vague and confusing. I've had to come to the forums to even begin to guess at how some of it works. We've always used the subscription accounts and never played on a Dub Ocean. I suppose I am like a naive parent in that aspect and you could consider my feedback a mash up of naivete and experience!

From the puzzle Pirates and Puzzle Pirates Family sites I don't understand why I would want my kids to go to Crimson rather than another ocean. It provides some nice soft reasons for why to play Crimson but if I don't think my under 13s need to see filtered language, have controlled chat, be limited in playing certain games or need 24 hour assistance (they would be only logged on and playing with us) then why wouldn't I create on another ocean? (I had to search the YPPedia for the ToS to be sure that there was still an actual age restriction on the other oceans and what it was).

I get what you want the site to do, but I don't think it helps you much or provides enough information for parents. I think parents new to YPP would need to play Crimson for at least a week or two to really understand the game and how it works - and not many parents are going to be that persistent to figure it out before deciding that they will let their kids on it.

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