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Posted by Rhapzodi at Feb 2, 2011 2:08:08 PM
Re: Carousers seeking games?
Carousing Pirate: Rhapzody

Preferred games: Spades & Hearts

Feel free to ask me to join any spades game...I don't care much about the other persons rating or if their name is yellow, green, yellowish-green, pink or blue....I just love to play! (Downside to not being picky about who my partner in spades is:...I currently have a low rating atm-Distinguished(?)...but I do carry the Ultimate Spades I do know how to play.)

Feel free to ask me to join any hearts game 5k or over. I don't generally like playing hearts for less than 5k unless the game is set to 50. I don't like playing with folks who do NOT cover their passes, or who throw the queen on the same person every single time. I like a fair balanced hearts game and dont mind losing in such a game...however, I do have a history of being grumpy and vocal if the game is you may want to think about that before asking me to play. My rating generally hovers at Master-Renowned.

I don't do TD, Drinking, SF, Rumble because I absolutely SUCK at these games...but will play for kicks if I like my opponent. Wont wager more than 50-100 poe on any of these games.

Don't worry about /telling me....I'm rarely on a ship or doing anything meaningful or productive so you wont be bothering me. =)
Rhapzody says, "Would someone tell me again WHY we call them EX's?"
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