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Posted by sprngweather at Jan 31, 2011 4:21:04 PM
Re: Carousers seeking games?
Prefer low wagers (0-1K)

Preferred games (will join if available - ask even if I appear busy):
Spades - Any points. (My rating: Usually GM-Ult) Must be a friendly game. No cheating, no whining about friendly conversation. Willing to help out new players but I dislike teaming with established players that refuse to learn from their mistakes.
Drinking - Whatever. (My rating: Usually Leg)
Rumbling - Whatever (no rated boxing). (My rating: Usually GM-Legendary)
Poker (that count?) - 2K no limit (200K max buy-in)

Less preferred (must be in the mood to play):
Swordfight - (My rating: Usually Ren - Leg)
Hearts - Low wager, don't invite me if you don't want to cover passes or want to target people (unless it's Lesgreg, because that's fun). (My rating: Distinguished?)
Treasure Drop - Turbo only. Don't mind me if I complain about how horrible this game is. (My rating: Usually Proficient - Respected)
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