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Posted by Springheel at Jan 31, 2011 11:44:41 AM
Carousers seeking games?
Dunno how good of an idea this thread would be but maybe it'll lead to games being easier to fill. The general idea is that people looking for carousing games to fill can use this thread to find like minded individuals who like to play fun sexy puzzles.

Pirate: Springheel

When is it ok to contact me for a game?
Please do a /who on me, if I'm on a boat or doing some other puzzle I'm probably not available but feel free to ask whenever I'm not busy!

Other misc info
Open to repeated sparring in Swordfight and Rumble, ranked or unranked, prefer Ranked games. I usually don't wager more than 5k unless it's hearts.

Rumble - Ult, not boxing please! Bludgeon or no bludgeon either way is fine.
Swordfight - usually hover around GM-leg
Spades, prefer games to 300
Hearts - prefer games to 100, no hold
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