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Posted by Neonila at Jan 24, 2011 8:05:26 AM
Re: Intent to defend... everything!
I think we should leave Ruby for the pillagers.

I think we got it wrong. 10 IOs or 10vikings will get boring. Then people wont wanna go on them. I think there should be one in Ruby just cause the pillagers are there. I'd love the variety of having an IO and a viking expo in a 5 battle pilly. I'm not sure why we're doing them separate on Midnight (or if they're done otherwise on other oceans) but I believe it is for the lack of maps on the routes where one would pillage anyway (Ruby and Diamond).
Booching Blaggards ->

If the Fish Rumour Mongers had their way, we'd be dropping on everything.
I dropped a plate the other day. Does that count?
-- Missiep --

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