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Posted by Yearbook50 at Jan 24, 2011 7:06:30 AM
Re: Intent to defend... everything!
I like the idea of an explorer's hall being in areas where pillaging isn't as common. It helps the shopkeepers in other areas have a more constant demand outside of when an Atlantis, HS, CI or Flotilla is near. I'm also partial to keeping the Black Market on Midsummer as the rent is cheap (7 to 9k range depending on the week) and its something we stated we would keep up.

I give it about two to three weeks before Viking interest dies down that we'll be in need of only 1 EH for the ocean again. I know my interest is already gone as I've achieved my goal of Illustrious Conqueror. Park's temporary hall will meet that need until the ocean moves onto its next trend. .
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