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Posted by Donsmythe at Jan 23, 2011 7:25:07 PM
Re: Intent to defend... everything!
Well, question for the ocean here...

If an Explorer's Hall were placed in Ruby, on which island would people rather see it placed?

Maps are supposed to spawn on any of the routes leading from an island. Jorvik has three routes - two difficult, and one of medium difficulty. That might be good for catering to a wider variety of mates.

Eta has four routes; charts that it spawns would be quite spread out around Ruby, but many would be in very difficult waters. Some people complain that expeditions being close together is a stat killer, since you make all these short 1-league hops; Eta would have less of that. Luthien has four routes also, and one of them is very long, so that would get the charts the most spread of any Ruby location.

Other mates prefer to have all the expeditions clustered closely so there's a minimum of sailing - and placing an EH on Cranberry would provide a very tight clustering (but in very difficult waters). There's only one LP between Cranberry and Midsummer that can spawn a chart, and only two between Cran and Eta, so there's only three places a chart can spawn (theoretically, anyways).

Putting an EH on Midsummer would accomplish much the same thing as far as clustering the spawn points, but would require the black market there to be dusted first. (Since there's a BM on Zeta, dusting the one on Midsummer is an option, I suppose.) An EH at Midsummer would have much cheaper rent than anywhere else, too. The big downside is no shipyards on Midsummer, so the Midsummer-Olivia chart could cause mates a bit of pain if they don't have it memmed, since you can't just buy it like you can for the routes leading off of Cranberry.

So, as I see it, just choosing which Ruby island would be "best" for the EH needs to be decided first... I don't see a clear winner, and even "best" depends on what you want in the first place. If we can settle on a location, though, then we can all work together to find a way to get it done, assuming enough people want it.

I prefer to see the charts tightly clustered, myself, so I think I'd prefer to see it on Cranberry, and I'd go with Cranberry over Midsummer to get easy route chart availability. (I have everything memmed, but not everyone does. While Midsummer works fine for me, I don't like the idea of making things more difficult for mates that don't have Ruby memmed.) Yesterday, I did float the idea of putting one on Cranberry past Mousebeard. At least he didn't shoot it down immediately, so the possibility exists. But I'm curious to see what other mates would prefer before trying to set anything in motion.

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