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Posted by Publandlord at Jan 17, 2011 4:37:39 PM
Re: Intent to defend... everything!
One ticket was allocated for every 10 minutes spent jobbing with us throughout the weekend's blockades. We don't sell tickets - jobbing for us is the only way to get hold of them! Thank you very much to all our jobbers.

Sleeping Pig - Plunderbuns
Sleeping Turtle - Curlycurls
Leviathan Tooth (Ancient Furniture) - Marythewitch
Ancient Rumjug (Ancient Furniture) - Tiffihobbs
Spear head (Ancient Furniture) - Astrielle
Finius Egg - Barbiche
Charmed Herring (Fortune junk) - Arigwynevere
Charmed bluegill (Fortune junk) - Lizetta
Spooky Mackerel (Phantom Sloop) - Copperkatie
Harrowed Ling (Harvest Sloop) - Sundaisy
Grey Monkeyfish (Sloop) - Chado
Drinking Song (Sloop) - Elohim
Holy Cod (Sloop, black and white) - Bincs
Almighty Cod (War Brig, black and white) - Wildsrose
Merciful Cod (War Frig, black and white) - Subeen
Stanley Carp (War Brig, red and blue) - Airey
Pony (gray, gray, Purple saddle) - Sistersarah
Big Cat Black - Lothias
Black Elephant - Edtheshifty

Claim your prizes from Harrjm or Donsmythe. Prizes that haven't been picked up by the end of January will be raffled off again in the future!
Anaplian, Shadow Riders, Midnight Ocean

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