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Posted by Donsmythe at Jan 15, 2011 2:38:04 AM
Intent to defend... everything!

Come help Bipolar defend!

When: Saturday, starting at noon pirate time.
Where: Everywhere!
Jobbing contact: Bipolar
Pay: matching highest island; pay will be the same at all islands.
Sinking: No.
Raffle: Yes, full prize list forthcoming. (There will be LE and renamed ships, ancient furniture, sleeping animals, a pony and more!)

George Santayana wrote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Jorvik is an island rich in historical significance to Midnight Ocean, and has great sentimental value to many. Do we really want to see it winterized ?

We urge anyone who cares about Jorvik and it's history to job for Bipolar tomorrow to prevent any possibility of a repeat of this incident. With Cleopatra's Pearls , we showed a commitment to preserve the beauty of Midnight Ocean's islands. We have once again been offered the opportunity to take a stand, this time at Jorvik.

Of course, Jorvik isn't the only island we have been called upon to defend. We anticipate that we will be stretched very thin in attempting to defend at each location, but we intend to do the best we can with what we have; we feel that anything less would disappoint. Of course, we can't do anything at all without jobbers, so we invite everyone to come join the party that will take place aboard our ships! Join our madness!

Also, we plan to offer some tournaments along the way, too, so don't miss the abundant fun, poe and prizes to be had! Please come job with Bipolar's defense!

I know some mates will be disappointed that I haven't recorded a nifty song parody for this blockade; I've been busy with my family and simply didn't have the time required to do one. But, I can't leave you without music, now, can I? So, in case you're aching to have a preview of the chaos and madness, I decided to actually compose a small piece of music . Think of this as a musical version of an editorial cartoon. It is meant to be played as a loop - set your MP3 player to repeat a single track when you listen for the full effect. (*)

(*) Here are my liner notes for this composition: This piece sounds the way it does because the lead line is played in the key of B, the left hand piano is playing in C, and the right hand on the piano is playing in C#. If all three were played in the same key it would sound almost normal, with a comical feel. This way, it's like a bad mental disease. Hence the title - the music is in conflict with itself, a form of Hypocrisy.

Many thanks to Culliford for his last minute artwork. <3

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