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Posted by REJBELLS at Jan 10, 2011 11:23:24 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
Most of us on Crimson are pirates with main oceans. When we make a new pirate on the same client .. different ocean.. we do not get greenies. ( At least , Those of us who paid real money for subscriptions don't)

Since we also can not see the log ins that the true greenies get, it is reasonable that we would also not notice something on a greenies client..
Aso, We are so used to those popups, if they do show up, most of us aret not paying them any notice.. just trying to get to where we want to go underneath it.
A new adult and child logging on do not neccessarily intuit that the 'drinking' 'Game' is associated with rum and thus alcohol on the main oceans. ( since they probably have not been there yet even.)

By the time they have waded thru the intro and landed.. even after visiting the Inn and a few places.. they may not even remember that such a thing was advertised. Just that a variety of different kinds of games are there.. somewhere.

Also, the interface is not perfect lol. Occasionally,we get the various rums and commodes not used on Crimson as part of our winnings in battles. Took me a long while to twig to the fact the reason I could not sell off the stuff was cause it is not part of the Crimson game.. Had a great laugh over that!

I just think , since we can't hardly ever sell in foraged goods anywhere consistantly.. especially limes, that limade would be a fun use for the dang things, be appropriate to the age considerations.,give meaning and use to the distilleries and the puzzle etc etc.

Also, a fun part of the game, when the ship mates have nothing to drink is lost . Kids can identify with being thirsty. That being out in the open seas ,sailors have to drink something! Kids understand scurvy.. Kids love silly graphics. Kids understand that if they do not get enough fluids they get dizzy and do not feel good. They also know that if they drink too much pop or sugary stuff they will feel ill and dizzy too!

Make the graphics with silly faces and use a more common 'dizzy' graphics instead of the bubbles. Make a different groan for the hic up.. .. Just chage the wording slightly in the drinking game.

Most kids/people who are interested in pirates have seen all the Pirates of the Caribean movies. There are many home school sites, Piratical history sites ,all aimed at our under 13's.. All that I have been to discuss/explain what the daily ration of rums was. It is written into any examples of contracts pirates signed that I saw, as well.

Call it gLog instead of
Wasn't Grog originally Sugar water and Limes with the rum?
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