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Posted by tilinka at Jan 6, 2011 9:53:28 AM
Re: Piratey Knit-a-Long
Two different event ideas floating here. :)

Some definitions:

Spinning is how you twist fibers (usually animal such as from sheep or plant such as from flax or cotton) together to make string/thread/yarn/etc. You generally use a tool like a spindle or spinning wheel to spin. (If you are really determined, you can use a pencil or other stick-like item.) From there, you can knit/crochet/weave with your hand-made stringy stuff.

A knit-a-long is when a group of people knit the same project (or theme) during a set period of time. Usually they're seasonal, though you do see smaller projects done in a monthly time frame. They are more group activities than competition, though you can have prizes and such at the end.

Knit-a-long concept:

We could do this either as one specific project, or as a pick-your-own project on a theme. I lean more towards the second than the first as that allows people of all skill levels to choose what they feel comfortable doing.

So for an Octo-Scarf, the challenge would be to create an octopus-inspired scarf. You could use existing patterns, or create your own. The inspiration might influence the color, shape, or pattern of the scarf. A simpler interpretation might involve, say, a simple rib pattern (k2,p2 repeated eight times) in some absurdly bright lime yarn (nod to Ceph). A more complex one could be to create an octopus toy with eight long, scarfy tentacles.

These are usually as much about the process as the finished product, so participants would be encouraged to share their progress, questions, and frustrations - as well as to help each other out. I'd be more than happy to help talk people through knitting problems. I know very little about weaving and crochet though, so anyone doing a project on those lines would have to find help from someone else.


The Sheep to Sail: Learning Permit Edition event, which I will admit to contemplating, would be a bit more complex and split out into a number of smaller events that are related, but don't have to all be participated in. It would be mostly a real-life event and would require some equipment.. most of which you can make yourself with little cost.

I (and some of my friends) would be able to provide demoing and chat/forum help as we go. There are also some excellent tutorial videos out there for spinning.

1. Make a drop spindle.
These are pretty simple to make. You need a shaft (dowel) and a whorl (CD/donut bead). I usually also have a hook (cup hook) screwed into one end to make it simpler to use. The challenge would be to make one yer pirate would use.

2. Sheep shearing: TBD, probably some sort of goofy in-game event involving finding little lost sheep... and perhaps swordfighting? Oooh, seek-and-find with Shepherdess dummies.

3. This is where it gets problematic. You need /something/ to spin with, and the easiest thing for inexperienced spinners to deal with
is prepared wool. Many people (myself included) are leery of shaving the family cat for his fiber. You can get creative - I know people who have spun shredded plastic grocery bags - but again this will make it more difficult for folks who've never spun before.

-Ignore the issue except to provide pointers on places to get fiber supplies (yarn stores, websites, farms that process fiber)
-Event for prepping non-standard fiber, with a how-to-card-using-dog-combs demo
-Quasi-related in-game event or forum event
-we make "art yarn" by plying pre-existing yarns together.

4. Spinning:
-Explain and demo how to use those drop spindles built in the beginning
-Goal is to create at least a sample (at least a yard*) of yarn inspired by either the sea or your pirate. (I can go either way). *More will be required for the next part, but people who have trouble with spinning or who don't have much in the way of supplies may well opt for a smaller sample

5. Weaving:
Weave (or knit or crochet, we're being more decorative than historically accurate here) a (squarish) sail for a (toy) boat. Minimum size of 10"x10"

Another thought is to have the end product be an undefined knit/crochet/woven accessory. "My Mum made me this hat and she'd keelhaul me if I took it off! Literally."

6. There are also three points in the process when you can play with dye: prior to spinning, after spinning, or after weaving. At least one of them should be addressed so that we can teach you all how to dye with sugar-free Koolaid and a microwave.

If we pair up in-game and out-of-game events, we could also include alchemistry (dye) and weaving (duh) bake-offs.

I'm approaching this as more of a "fun learning experience" event than anything else since I've got the feeling the number of players who know how to spin is fairly limited. As such, if we're awarding anything, I'm inclined to make it for beginning-to-end participation. Maybe with some spot prizes for the in-process events. If we could get Clotho and Atropos involved in that (they fit thematically), it would be awesome.

I have no idea what pirate-craft studio supplies for on's favorite ship in the game is . Nor do I have a clue what MMM . Is there some kind of 3rdparty tool/interface for this?

"MMM" as in "mmmm tasty", only typed while my brain is fuzzy. And I have a craft studio on one of my boats and in our stupidly-big crew hall. Mostly it involves lots of looms, bolts of cloth, spinning wheels, mannequins, and related furniture. For actual commodities: hemp, cloth, and dye come to mind quickly.

I'm happy to clarify on any of the things I mentioned above. :)
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