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Posted by star_gazer07 at Jan 6, 2011 12:23:16 AM
Pirate Clone
Hi all,

I realize I rarely, if ever, post on the forums. I would like to say a few words regarding a pirate clone who has been running around Midnight claiming to be me.

This pirates name is Elinae (with an N, not an M), and they are a greenie pirate who has been perusing the higher-up poker tables and making themselves out to be me. I recently logged on to receive multiple tells asking if I was this "Elinae". There are reasons why this is NOT me.

1. I type with proper grammar and spelling at all times.
2. I am able to show my skills on a ship.
3. I CANNOT bilge to save my life and achieving an Incredible is impossible for me.

This pirate has been reported and a petition has been sent in by me reporting the situation. Hopefully no one in-game I know has been hurt by this pirate - if so I apologize for their actions which are HIGHLY inappropriate.

Thank you for your time, and in reading this post. I wish no harm upon anyone in this matter, and please send this around and inform others of this thread.

Thank you,

Proud Senior Officer of "Celtic Revenge"
Lady of the flag Eagla ar Bith
Midnight born and bred.

Elimae on Cerulean, the ORIGINAL, and the ONLY.

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