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Posted by Winklecat at Jan 4, 2011 3:52:52 PM
Re: Family Ocean Beta Feedback
Lime-ade! Perfect!
I too plead for a very little attention for crimson.
I won't repeat the many excellent suggestions that have been made here and in other threads.
To pick up on something that Apate said about skellies, they need to be easier to get to!
Yesterday a couple of us were hoping to get the January badge out of the way.
On Crimson, everyone should get the skellies and zombies mission.
Or they should appear mainly in Jade Arch.
Because the likelihood of there being 5 pirates on at the same time
Who either have the mission or have been to Spectre and Last Stand Hill is pretty low.
While I am here I don't suppose that anyone has the charts from Cabo to Charcoal? I have Charcoal to Hadrian but can't get my sloop there. Getting charts outside of jade is hard!
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