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Posted by piratejoshh at Dec 24, 2010 6:35:18 AM
Pirate Family Fortunes.

I have had this Idea for a while now and being thinking about prizes and how it should be ran.

The Idea is based around the game "Family Fortunes" Only 2teams of 5 can play. Which is a little bit of a shame however. Do you have any ideas how these 2 teams should be picked. Which is fair on everyone.

I hope to send a pirate survey out when I have finished planning. I will collect 100 results. I have a few questions which I think would be good like" What sword do you currently have equipped?, What do you think the easiest puzzle is? Whats your fav In game colour? (Please Post questions which you think are suitable below and if you don't think mine will be suitable tell me)

The game will be ran in a palace or a house. It will be open to everyone to come and watch. The hard part maybe communicating however. I plan to have 2 alts jobbed into the crews of the players so we can communicate away from the noise of the house. I will then run the event similar to family fortunes. I will start off with a quiz question to decide who goes first. I will then ask a question like "What sword do did 100 people have equipped when they filled in the survey?" We will go ask each player what they think. The will score points depending if they got the right answer and how many people said it. For example 39 people said stick. the team would get 39 points. If they get 2! ( I think 3 could be to many) failed answers, play will go to the other team.

I have thought of giving the winning players 100k each. This being a good amount. Do you think it will be to much or to little? Random prizes will also be award if a player guess the right answer. If a player guess stick and for the sword question and a prize was on stick they would be awarded with the prize. I currently have thought of a "cruise around a stunning island" ( This being a sloop to CI with) A meal for 2 (Table, Chairs,Food,Drink). Any other ideas would be cool :)

Please feed back if you think its a good idea and if it would be successful. I clearly have missed many hidden problems of running the event.

Jjosh (Flocktarts)

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