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Posted by Voidrix00 at Dec 12, 2010 8:01:10 PM
Re: 2010 Midnight Pirate Awards!!
The most beloved pirate Ionno
The most hated pirate Wish it was me but i think it's proberbly someone in Legally Drunk
The most annoying pirate Rusport
The most entertaining pirate Harrjm
The best flag of the year TO
The best crew of the year The Pheonix Warriors due to entertainment value recently
The biggest scandal Where rome hides the cookies
The biggest ego Ego
The biggest modesty lolwut
The most winner of tournaments/competition <Insert random Cross-Ocean Alt here>
The best Smh bnaver of the year Wait people still go?
The best Ci bnaver of the year Yearbook due to that fact she's the only one i've gone with this year
The best Hs bnaver of the yearDid well myself but don't really know many who've gone to decide
The best Blockade bnaver of the year Squiddy really impressed me
The best pillage bnaver of the year Satasia if you go by stat, otherwise no idea
The best coupl eAgreement on Herbies+Pantene
The best blockade of the year Namath
The biggest shock Rusport is still here
The rookie of the year Wait there's new pirates? lolol
The best pirate Ionno
Voidrix (All oceans)
Captain of Unquenchable Fury and Prince of Universe A .
Owns the largest collection of Guys on Cerulean.

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