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Posted by Lazyeyes1991 at Dec 11, 2010 3:31:40 PM
Re: 2010 Midnight Pirate Awards!!
The most beloved pirate Tzz
The most hated pirate BMA/Vurr/maybe harrjm ocean wide i think?
The most annoying pirate Harrjm for his alts
The most entertaining pirate Harrjm for his alts
The best flag of the year Tyr's Own, Kinda went against the norm and did a ton of blockades.
The best crew of the year Really dont pay attention to crews but Silver Linings did alot over the last year.
The biggest scandal Midnight doesnt have drama
The biggest ego Me? seriously, i dont know any huge ego's
The biggest modesty Sweetiepiepi
The most winner of tournaments/competition Nine With hatchetback in a close second
The best Smh bnaver of the year Gibbo overall i think. Tzz for his last one.
The best Ci bnaver of the year Blinginbooty
The best Hs bnaver of the year Yearbook(if its her who i remember naving)
The best Blockade bnaver of the year Omegadyn. If he sinks his first ship within three turns its a good luck sign.
The best pillage bnaver of the year Cultistbob
The best couple Don't really talk to people as couples. But i think Kinkykelle and Edtheshifty
The best blockade of the year Namath. Mass DC's with a win on the end of it all. Was a lot of fun. And the pvp bountys that followed
The biggest shock Ragnarok?
The rookie of the year Not really a rookie but flatliner
The best pirate Sherbetlemon

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